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Carlsbad Rock Wall Rentals

Looking for something a little different for your event? San Diego Rock Wall has mobile rock walls for rent! Rock walls are a great rental for school carnivals, corporate events, or even a block party. Our rock walls come with trained staff to run the wall. Volunteers are needed to get kids in and out of our safety gear. Climbing wall is 25 feet tall and have 3 stations with different levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro. Kids and adults can safely decend using our auto-belay system.

About this Unit:

Ages: 4+ years

Capacity: 3 participants at a time.

Can handle 90 participants per hour.

Required for setup:

Minimum space: 20’ x 20’ x 30 ft tall

Access: Trailer access to set up area required.

Electrical needed: none

Attendants: 1 included

Carlsbad Rock Wall Rentals, Rock wall rentals in Carlsbad