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Our Policies

Safety is of utmost importance for us. With that in mind, San Diego Rock Wall and any of our representatives reserves the right to cancel any reservation, or not set up our equipment when,in our opinion, the safety of our customer, our employees and/or our equipment is in question.

Delivery Policy

Inflatables weigh between 200 and 450 lbs. Keeping that in mind, delivering some equipment can be challenging. You are responsible to clear a path to the set up area. Our jumpers can be up to 36 inches (3 ft.) in width. If we are going through a gate to your backyard, please make sure there is enough clearance through the gate and clear away any obstacles that may get in the way which include trash cans, boxes, etc.

We have a “NO STAIRS POLICY”. This means we do not go up / down stairs with this equipment. You must consider this when making your reservation. If we arrive and find the equipment can not be “delivered” and set up due to accessibility issues such as, stairs, obstacles, small gate etc... we consider this as a cancellation and you (the customer) will be responsible to pay 50% of the reservation.

Access to your property  / (DRIVEWAY ISSUES) - Our drivers use trucks and trailers to deliver the equipment. Please let us know if there are any issues with our drivers being able to drive into your driveway with our trailer. EG. IF YOUR DRIVEWAY IS LONG AND NARROW AND WE HAVE TO BACK UP A LONG DISTANCE INTO YOUR DRIVEWAY TO REACH YOUR RESIDENCE, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THAT BEFORE WE ARRIVE. The easier you make it for us, the better. Again, keep in mind, if we can’t deliver this equipment - this falls under our cancellation policy.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Your order will be confirmed with the your credit card and any deposit that is taken at the time of your order. Any remaining balance will be due the day of your event, at time of delivery. RESIDENTIAL and PARK customer - final payment will be due in cash only. For schools, churches and business, an alternate method of payment can be arranged with advance notice.

For Cancellations / rescheduling:

Canceling your order 8 days or more before your event date -  we charge $50.00.

Canceling within 7 days before your event date  - You will be charged 50% of the order.

Cancellation within 24 hrs of your event - You will be charged 100% of your order.

Keep in mind, when you make a reservation with us, we hold these items for you and turn away other customers that request these items. If you cancel on us we most likely turned away other customers for the product you reserved.

  1. *All charges can be applied towards another reservation if made within 90 days, - after which all monies will be forfeited.

Any equipment order may be rescheduled within 90 days of the original order as long as 7 days notice is given from the original event date.

Rain / Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather conditions such as rain, you may cancel your reservation at anytime with no charge. Any deposit taken will be refunded. We just ask that you notify us as soon as you can.

Once our equipment is delivered or set up, we do not give refunds if it rains.

We do reserve the right to cancel any and all business due to the threat of inclement weather conditions such as rain, showers, sprinkles, wind, etc... If we cancel the delivery you will not be charged.

Pricing Policy

For residential parties or parties at parks - cash payment is required at time of delivery - we do not accept checks. For larger events at churches, schools or commercial businesses, an alternate method of payment may be made with advance notice.

Payment is due at delivery. We do accept business checks, however we do not take personal checks.

If for some reason we do accept a check and it is returned due to insufficient funds, there will be  a $25.00 fee, plus any fees we are charged by our banking institution.

With regard to discounts to 501c3’s, churches, schools, etc... if you need help with pricing we strongly recommend contacting local businesses in your area to help sponsor your event to help with costs.

Please take into account we are an event rental company. We are in the business of renting products for events, whether it’s to a school, church or 501c3. We keep our prices as low as we can. Our prices are competitive.

Payment Policy

For residential parties or parties at parks, we accept cash only. For businesses, churches, and other organizations, other payment types can be arranged with advance notice. We DO NOT accept personal checks. We do accept business checks. Credit card transactions will incur a transaction fee.

Do we price match?

We strive to offer better quality and service than our competition at rates that are good and often cheaper than some other companies in San Diego. Often we are asked if we match prices with other companies that are cheaper, our answer is no. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive company to rent from. Too many times we hear about companies that were late, don’t show up at all, cancel at the last minute,  jumpers were dirty, torn, old, poor quality, poor customer service, drivers were rude etc. Why would we lower our prices to match them?

    Cheapest isn’t always the best. Companies that offer ridiculous rates typically don’t have a business license, are uninsured, they may have a couple jumpers in their garage and rent them out in their “off time” from their day job. Their jumpers usually are old and poor quality, and quite often they will cancel on your event at the last minute to take a better job. They are not an actual business. Every weekend we get calls from numerous customers that are looking for an “Emergency Jumper” because the company they ordered with cancelled on them at the last minute.

Thank you